Jumping Exercise Resistance Band

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Imagine what better relaxation, agility and explosiveness would bring to your sports activities? No matter the sport, whether it is to dunk on the basket, spike in the net, or gain the upper hand over your opponents on the field, take your performance to a level never before reached!

Why such a success ? The advantages in a few words:

  • Suitable for beginners and experienced athletes
  • Designed with the help of professionals to gain explosiveness, agility and vertical relaxation
  • Lightweight and compact so you can train wherever you want
  • Several resistance levels to choose from depending on your level
  • Made with high-end materials to ensure optimal comfort and avoid any injury

Equipment adapted to all levels

Studied and designed with the help of professionals in the sports field, the kit allows explosive muscular work in depth for better relaxation and to gain precious centimeters in each of your jumps, agility and optimal explosiveness in any situation.

Time and space savings

Forget about long sessions at the gym and other bulky training equipment at home! Lightweight and compact, the kit allows you to be taken anywhere and train at home or directly in the field without having to go to the gym.

Size: L(25LBS),XL(30LBS),2XL(35LBS)

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