Colorful Outdoor Camping Storage Strap

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High-strength & Durable: Constructed by polyester and sewn with sturdy stitches, it retains its strength even in wet and won’t stretch out while in use; the abrasion & UV resistant performance makes it good for different climates and long-term use.
Easy Setup and Takedown: This rope allows you to wrap it several times around a tree for the desired length,or hang the rope ends to tree branches directly or using a carabiner,or hang the one end of the rope to your tent for vertical storage.
Travel-friendly & Handy: Come with a small pouch for tidy storage.You can toss it straight into your carry-on and start your new adventure, perfect for hiking / backpacking / picnic/ traveling / fishing / other outdoor explorations.
Perfect Outdoor Companion: Easily keep your belongings organized or dry while you are camping in the woods or near a river; used beside your hammock to keep track of your things and increase space utilization.
Size: 10 Hooks with random color.

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