Rotating Nail-Free Corner Storage Shelf

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Seamless Rotating Tripod Seamlessly which can rotate 90 degreesmakes clever use of space layout to make your room look cleaner. Easy to fix all kinds of wall angle installation. No matter be a bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, it is a very good choice.

Large Angle AdjustmentNo restrictions on angle right or angle flat. Angle arbitrary installation, You can place it anywhere you want to install it.
Easy to Install: Use paste means, need not open hole on the wall again, paste directly can be used.No scratches, no damage to the walls.

Drainage Layer: The unique drainage structure of the tripod enables the water sprinkled on the surface of the tripod to be directly removed without deposition on the tripod. Keep it clean for a long time.
Hidden Hook DesignHidden hooks, neatly hung, can be hidden when you don't need them, Iooks cleaner.

Classified Storage: There are 3 kinds of different capacityLarge capacity is suitable for magnifying bottle shower gel and shampoo. Round grid is for small plants and essential oilsmedium capacity is for cleansers, lotions and more.

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