12Pcs Jewel Refill set

$17.29 $27.89


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  • Item #: 478675
Pattern1: Diamond flake *12
Pattern2: Diamond flake *12 + Press

The Blinder Dazzling Refill Set is a fashionista’s dream!

You can apply to hairs or any material's surfaces & add shimmery gems to your items in seconds!

You can mix and match your own style with our Deluxe Set!

It's 100% safe for your skin and hair!

  • Shining Like a Princess! - You can sparkle everything and everywhere with different self-adhesive gems.

  • Attach it Everywhere - You can apply to hairs or any item including shoes, purses, phone cases, and even more!

  • Easy to Use - Simply apply on your hairs or fashion accessories by combing gems out!

  • 100% Safe - It's 100% safe to use without damaging your hair or skin.

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